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A computer game in the form of a trip, where we will meet  astrologists, biologists, UX designers, techno musicians in their natural, virtual, three-dimensional locations. Active, networking with the most advanced way of online communication! It’s all thanks to Students + Third-year students of the best artistic and digital field of study in Poland, i.e. @Digital Design at the Faculty of Art of the UP, with a little help from Dr. Michał Hyjek and Maciej Gniady (CollegiumXR) and with great support from the Krakow City Hall!

In our Mozilla Hubs boards there is full freedom! You can also do it before and after the event, but it’s much more fun and immersion when you’re online with a group of interesting people. That is why we recommend on Thursday, May 27 at 11:15 am to connect to our digital tour by clicking on this link → https: // … / uniform-joyful-roundtable …

Although this does not eliminate the multitude of sensations – we recommend using headphones with a microphone and the Chrome browser. Conference and sightseeing possible on any medium with a display (laptop, PC, desktop computer, tablet, smartphone)

Each room is a 15-minute lecture! We will listen to the lectures on various topics, but they have one thing in common – the willingness to transfer knowledge in a new, interactive way!

The period of the pandemic shows how important of a role remote forms of communication begin to play in everyday research and commercial work. The attitude to remote work has changed irreversibly, but has also revealed the weaknesses of the communication tools we use.

Is the solution to introduce more available VR and XR devices (mixed reality) or maybe the popularization of haptic solutions (3D sensors and stereoscopy) will allow for the development of activation and sharing of digitized knowledge?

The conference will be a meeting of specialists, scientists in the field of multimedia, interactive installations and museums, but also people who use an innovative virtual presentation tool in education.

The aim of the conference is to create a strategy for the development of interactive remote communication platforms for universities in Małopolska and to assess how mixed reality (VR and AR), artificial intelligence mechanisms and other technological innovations can co-create new education and identity building and the development of the so-called smartcity.


Digitalia Małopolski III
HypeMan: Michał Hyjek and Maciej Gniady
Coffee break elevator music: Mchy I Porosty

Main room = START AND MAIN HUB Entrance to the room →…/uniform-joyful-roundtable…

Day 1 - 27.05.2021

Host: Jakub Dąbrowski

Temat: Jam room muzyki elektronicznej

Prelegent: Michał Marczak

Wejście do pokoju →

Day 2 - 28.05.2021

Temat: Etapy stawiania obozu

Host: Jan Pikul

Prelegent: Autoprezentacja

Wejście do pokoju →

The conference takes place in the multimedia lecture room at ul. Podbrzezie 3, but also on the Mozilla Hubs interactive transmission platform, where you will be able to watch the broadcast on your phone / smartphone / VR goggles and at the same time participate in discussions – ask the speakers questions. The platform is available on the Internet – without installation and on any mobile device. This form of conference (including advertising and collecting material for publication) is a complete phenomenon that increases access to culture without excluding people due to disability and economic exclusion.