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Anti-Covid-19 Screens

Contactless Customer Interface for Gastronomy facilities based on Android

Contactless restaurant menu – a project to help save catering businesses in the era of the SARS COVID-19 virus

The software allows for:

Contactless operation of the application for self-ordering

Automatic login to the local network.

Remote order transfer to restaurant service

Any modification of the menu content via the common JSON format

Synchronization of menu content using one central server

Customer service in the hygiene regime related to the SARS COVID-19 pandemic

Increased customer and service safety in the workplace

This certificate allows you to use this version of the software indefinitely – the application is made using the Unity engine

The application was used in 3 restaurants:

  • Unicorn – restaurant located in Sopot. Elegant, modern interiors, unique surroundings and views, space, peace and quiet in the heart of the Tri-City make up the unique atmosphere of this place – perfect for both romantic dinners and large celebrations.
  • Kotka – a cafe located in Gdańsk. The cafe, apart from pampering guests with home-made cake and delicious coffee, is a Temporary House aimed at providing direct help to animals.
  • Kansai – restaurant located in Gdańsk. New Kansai Sushi Bar is the first sushi bar in Gdańsk with a very wide range of dishes, even for very demanding guests.

The application was created for users of all age groups and can be used in any type of restaurant, cafe or bar that allows you to place orders on your own.