Collegium XR

Research center on VR, AR and XR of the Pedagogical University of Krakow


The research that we have conducted so far since 2015 concerned the development of phenomena allowing the transmission of audiovisual content in public space. In retrospect, we can say that the evolution of research topics was related to the development of mobile phones, and then smartphones – so their transmitting and receiving capabilities.

The research included participation in field tests, writing research programs and other promotional activities, such as the transfer of knowledge during workshops at the Razem Pamoja Foundation or the ongoing participation of the course in the Children’s University Foundation program.

Most of the results of Collegium’s work so far are reflected in the shapes of projects in the know-how for industry and popularization of science, but here we present additional materials and an announcement of our latest project, which is the study of a stereoscopic camera detector for interactions with a point cloud in the context of mixed reality.

Research on AR:

Research on hand movement detection:

Near Field Communication (NFC and DNFC) technology: