Collegium XR

Research center on VR, AR and XR of the Pedagogical University of Krakow

A stand for the Gitex expo in Dubai

XR-Tent – a reusable, ecological interactive art stand made for D.V.L Global at the Gitex 2021 expo in Dubai, for which Collegium XR is responsible for conceptual technological consultations.

Main features of the stand:

  • construction dimensions 3x5m
  • set of xr mobile markers in Krakow style
  • 4 boxes / screens with weight attached to the frame
  • metal and wood roofing
  • wooden seats (printed on plywood)
  • material reflecting light and transparent foil
  • led lighting
  • 2 x disinfector
  • 2 transport boxes
  • projector
  • NFC eco-friendly business cards

Stand concept:

Ecology – the stand can be disassembled and assembled quickly and is made of biodegradable or recyclable materials. The stand was adapted to sanitary standards related to COVID-19 through automatic disinfectors and non-contact screens.

The stand illuminated with neon LEDs in the ethno style, inspired by folk patterns from Małopolska, contrasting with the most modern DIGITAL EXPOSURE technology, i.e. VR and AR


Stand sections:


The place where the tour around the stand begins.

Here you will find tablets with applications and ecological NFC leaflets.




VR Synchrotron is a multimedia, interactive environment that provides knowledge about the largest scientific laboratory in Poland. It was created thanks to the cooperation of programmers, artists and graphic designers from our company.

Provides knowledge about the construction and application of the Synchrotron laboratory to students of all levels of schools and other scientists. During the pandemic, our company moved part of the show to the Internet.

The laboratory produces synchrotron radiation. The radiation, being billions of times brighter than the sun, allows you to look deep into matter to analyze its structure or produce micro and nanotechnological elements.

The effect of using synchrotron light is to learn the elemental composition of objects or the structure of systems such as proteins and viruses. It is the only such apparatus in Poland and Central Europe.




These interactive, multifunctional, non-contact, hand-controlled displays have the ability to publish any type of content and convert it into games involving passers-by and visitors.

In this technological solution, we use stereoscopic cameras from sensors such as Oak-D and Leap Motion.

Solaris VR Tour

Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow

Media Expert VR web remote platform (2020)



In order to counteract the effects of the SARS COVID-19 virus epidemic, together with Medica Expert, we created a virtual expo platform that helped the entire medical and pharmaceutical community to conduct scientific exchange in these difficult times. 2,500 unique users took advantage of it.

With it, you can conduct virtual tours – but not only, meetings and demonstrations at conferences. In this platform you can chat, show movies, conduct online workshops and conferences up to 50 people at a time, presentations and much more. Everything in a full 3D environment with the option of using VR goggles. No installation and no matter what the operating system is, because the architecture is based on a web browser.