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VR Synchrotron Tour

Solaris - a tour of the largest laboratory in the form of virtual reality in Poland (2019-2021)

Thanks to our consultations and knowledge, physical phenomena taking place in the largest scientific laboratory in Poland can be visualized. Processes occurring on a microscale, not existing anywhere in a form other than graphs, processed from physical formulas (at the atomic level) can be seen by students and people outside the scientific circle. In addition, everything takes place in a multi-person form, where visitors can discuss, show scientific content in the form of mediation and telepresence of the avatars they impersonate.

VR Synchrotron is a multimedia, interactive environment that uses virtual reality technology to transfer knowledge about the most modern and largest laboratory in Poland.

VR SYNCHROTRON is based on the autonomous Oculus Quest VR goggles, but can be displayed on any computer / VR goggles thanks to the use of Web GL technology

The interaction is based on the rollercoaster mode – so the user can look around and see all the processes and even hear them. 2 minutes duration and Full HD resolution. Music in an audio advertisement is interactive as it depends on the movement of the user’s head.

Our work in this project has evolved from 2019 to the form of establishing a VR online platform. It is an extension of the application – a universal, maintenance-free guide in the form of a computer game for the browser of any digital device.

VR Synchrotron:

– serves as a synchrotron guide in the experimental room.

– is an extension of the current synchrotoronic VR solution from 2019

– it’s the transformation of our application into a universal educational game,

– an interactive platform for education

With it, you can conduct virtual tours – but not only, meetings and demonstrations at conferences. On this platform you can play games, chat, show movies, conduct online workshops and conferences for up to 50 people at a time, presentations and much more.

The laboratory produces synchrotron radiation. The radiation, being billions of times brighter than the sun, allows you to look deep into matter to analyze its structure or produce micro and nanotechnological elements. The effect of using synchrotron light is to learn the elemental composition of objects or the structure of systems such as proteins and viruses. It is the only such apparatus in Poland and Central Europe.

VR Synchrotron is a multimedia, interactive environment that transfers knowledge about this laboratory. It was created thanks to the cooperation of programmers, artists and graphic designers from our Collegium.

Version 2021

Provides knowledge about the construction and application of the Synchrotron laboratory to students of all levels of schools and other scientists. In times of a pandemic, our Collegium transferred part of the show to the Internet.

Synchrotron is visited by school trips, and the VR application itself is shown at conferences in 10 HOCHSCHULE NIEDERRHEIN member countries.

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