Collegium XR

Research center on VR, AR and XR of the Pedagogical University of Krakow

NFC audio detection for the blind

Pedagogical University of KEN in Kraków x Botanical Garden of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków - NFC digital support for informational typhlographic plates

The haptic and polysensory treatments of Collegium XR on the border of interactive art were used for visitors to the most beautiful garden in the heart of Krakow. The blind and partially sighted, thanks to a special technology combining the features of ceramic sculptures and tactile / proximity functionalities (like in payment cards), can sensually perceive botanical knowledge.

The interactive system of haptic tactile boards using NFC technologies has supporting mobile applications for multimedia devices with iOS and Android operating systems. Its basic functionality is to launch appropriate descriptions of plans and typhlographs in their immediate vicinity. It allows you to use the adaptation in the Garden on your own. Editing and recording of audio description according to materials provided by a member of the Collegium XR team – Dr. Lech Kolasiński, who is the author of the concept and designer of this unique guide. The total length of the audio recordings is about 3 hours.

In the Android version, the guide is available here